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Posted by Katerina Goulding on

Hey Guys Welcome to our Blog.  Here you will find lots of information about Lavender.  How to grow it, How to harvest it and most importantly what to do with it.  

Let me start off by introducing our Family.  We are Dylan and Katerina Goulding and together with our 3 boys we just love, love, love Lavender.  Lavender to us means peace, calm, joy, and just pure happiness.  We have loved lavender so much over the years that we decided to grow it in a large way to share this joy with you.  We currently grow the following cultivars;

  • Phenomenal (lavendula x  intermedia)
  • Folgate (l.angustifolia)
  • Royal Velvet (l.angustifolia)
  • Hidcote  (l.angustifolia)
  • Superblue  (l.angustifolia)
  • Melissa  (l.angustifolia)
  • Grosso (lavendula x intermedia)

We grow our lavender in an organic, sustainable way and we are striving for organic certification. What this means is that no chemicals were used on our farm and all amendments added are organic.  We even went as far as to plant organic clover between our rows!! Our row covers were approved by Eccocert (the organic certifier) prior to laying them down.  We are very serious about keeping our lavender clean from harmful pesticides.   On our farm you can also find herbs like Camomile, oregano, basil, tarragon, and Lemon Balm just to name a few.  These small batch herbs will be used to create our beautiful products that you can use in your home.  

The farm will open soon and when it does we will happily show you around.  


Thank you so much for your love and support.

Lots of love,

Dylan, Katerina, Erik, Henry and Elliot Goulding

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