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Lavender Hydrosol


Lavender hydrosol

  • Excellent for all skin types when used for skincare 
  • Regenerating effects on damaged or fragile skin
  • Adds moisture to dry, frizzy hair
  • Great toner
  • Great cleanser
  • Great for close shaves or razor burn
  • Calming effect
  • Add to compress on neck, shoulders and forehead; reduces headaches, tension and stress
  • Add to childrens bath for restful nights sleep
  • Organically grown

Choose one or all of our 6 varieties to choose from.  Each variety is naturally grown and distilled right here on our farm.

  • Phenomenal
  • Superblue
  • Hidcote
  • Melissa
  • Royal Velvet
  • Folgate 

Ingredients:  organically-grown lavender hydrosol

No emulsifying agents and preservatives.