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Live Lavender Plants


Plant Pre-order on now.  Pre-order your plants for a pick up at our farm in May 2022

4" pots.  Plants will be available for pick up at the beginning of May.  We will email you pick up instructions soon.  

Please note that live plants cannot be shipped.  

Take home one of the gorgeous cultivars we grow here at Luscious Lavender and Herb Farm.

Lavender (Lavendula) is a Mediterranean evergreen, perennial that grows in well drained, sunny sites. It prefers poor, light soil and requires little maintenance. The striking contrast of long flowers against light green foliage makes a beautiful addition to any garden.

Depending on the cultivar you select, lavender grows 2-3 feet in height (60-90 cm) and blooms from early summer through to early fall. The flowers, also known as corollas, range in colour from deep purple to light pink.

There is something for everyone in lavender, discover your favourite!



Lavendula x intermedia ‘Phenomenal’

This is a gorgeous classic french hybrid, that is known for blooming first and producing long dramatic floral stems topped with 5 inch flowers. 

These beautiful flowers are light violet-blue and have an amazing sweet scent.‘Phenomenal’ is a compact, bushy shrub whose aromatic, silver-green leaves begin flowering in midsummer, repeating in late summer and fall. This cultivar grows 2-3 feet (60-90cm) in height and 3 feet (90 cm) wide. This variety is known for it’s exceptional winter hardiness, as well as the ability to tolerate heat and humidity well.

Royal Velvet 

‘Royal Velvet’ is true to its name with rich, velvety navy corollas that grow 3-4 inches on long stems. This cultivar is extremely fragrant and retains its rich colour making it perfect in bouquets of dried or fresh flowers.

The eye-catching plant is known for rapid growth and long lasting blooms, starting in late June and lasting into the cool weather of the early fall. ‘Royal Velvet’ is unique in it’s ability to withstand wet winters. 


A truly unique lavender variety, ‘Melissa’ is an English cultivar with soft powdery pink flowers. An upright, compact plant that blooms persistently and early in the season.

The grey-green foliage contrasts the corollas that age from white to pink.


Grow this beautiful English cultivar known for it’s long lasting scent and sweet flavour as a culinary favourite! It’s reliable, dark purple flowers make delicious teas, garnish or addition to any dish. Produces long into the season.

Blue green evergreen foliage contrast against free flowering dark purple flower spikes. Growing 2-3 feet tall (60-90 cm).

Super Blue

Grow this gorgeous English cultivar known for its grey-green foliage and rich deep blue flower spikes. No other variety creates such a colourful display. This plant is extremely fragrant and continues to bloom well into the cooler weather of early fall.

‘Super Blue’ is known to have excellent winter hardiness as well as, high heat and humidity tolerance. Prune in early spring, no more than 4 inches.


Big Time Blue

Big, abundant flowers on a compact lavender that is perfect for pots, perennial borders, or massed as a flowering hedge. Aromatic, silvery green foliage contrasts beautifully with its darker flower color. The fragrant, nectar-rich flowers come early and continue from early summer into fall. Drought tolerant and easy to maintain.

Fast growing; reaches 18 to 20 in. tall, 30 in. wide.



Lavendula x intermedia ‘Grosso’

This is a classic French hybrid known for its extremely fragrant long dark blue flower spikes. It’s wide grey-green foliage grows vigourously, hence it’s common name ‘fat lavender’. This large plant blooms heavily in mid to late summer.

The perfect lavender addition for floral or culinary use! 


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